Personal Training

We can create a custom program just for your needs.

Busy people need fitness training that is tailored to fit their individual needs. Whether you come to Excel Fitness Center for weight loss, toning, sports conditioning, injury prevention, or post-rehabilitation service, we can design a program for you.

Excel Fitness Center’s personal training program focuses on functional training, a type of training that moves the body in all planes of motion and replicates real life movement. An emphasis on core strength, balance, and stability will help clients’ physical performance. Plyometric training, which helps increase power, speed, and endurance, is also incorporated into each session. All of our training sessions are one hour and are tailored to the individual client’s needs. As the area’s only personal training facility owned and operated by a physical therapist, Excel Fitness Center will bring your fitness training to a new level.

One on One Training Session

One hour session

  • one on one training
  • each program is tailored to an individual’s needs
  • the areas only personal training studio owned and operated by a physical therapist
Stretching Session

One hour session

  • one on one stretching
  • static and dynamic stretching done to improve your individual flexibility
  • increase circulation
  • improve balance and coordination
  • alleviate minor aches and pains
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