About Us

Excel Fitness Center - Finding Wellness through Fitness Adaptability

Here at Excel we train your body to become strong, healthy, lean, and flexible. Our personal training, classes, physical therapy, massage and acupuncture services all work together to teach your body to be able to adapt correctly to the bombardment of stresses that it encounters on a daily basis.

The concept of fitness adaptability means consistently introducing and challenging your body to engage with new exercises and activities, or loading your body in a different way. Your body then reacts by increasing its' ability to cope with that new load. This enables us to give you a strong core and foundation, which sets you up for success in everyday life, sports, and hobbies. Having a strong core will allow your body to adapt to the constantly changing stresses of our environment.

It typically takes anywhere from four to six weeks for our bodies to adapt to a training method. That is why here at Excel Fitness Center we like to change the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercises you do on a regular basis. It helps to avoid plateaus and continually challenges your body to adapt to its' environment.

Excel Fitness Center is located at 2 Morristown Road in Bernardsville, NJ. Ample parking can be found behind the building, next to the Bernardsville Library. As the area's only fitness facility owned and operated by a physical therapist, Excel Fitness Center will bring your fitness and wellness training to a new level.

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